More than 3.000 products, each with its specifications , manufacturers and suppliers from different countries require much management. Hotel owners and operators should not underestimate the diversity, complexity and quantity of items needed for a new establishment.


Sunnyland’s Procurement team consists of people with hotel operations and project management experience that fully understands all tasks involved in a hotel opening and it’s the ideal partner to provide the necessary professional assistance to avoid a nightmare scenario at the time of opening.


Sunnyland offers a flexible and comprehensive purchasing & installation service managing the entire PROCUREMENT process from concept to completion. We work closely and transparently with all Project participants in blending the design criteria with the operational and financial requirements of the project. Our procurement team delivers the very best product possible within budget and on time.

Our Procurement Process

1. Planning

1. Planning

2. Budgeting

2. Budgeting

3. Management

3. Management

4. Supplier selection

4. Supplier selection1

5. Production, delivery and warehousing

5. Production, delivery and warehousing1

6. Supervision of delivery and installations

6. Supervision of delivery and installation

7. Financial control services

7. Financial control

8. Post installation services

8. Post installation services

Over the years our team has developed a global database of manufacturers and qualified vendors. For each project, we carefully review the project requirements, the investment budget and group items into tender packages.


These packages can be resumed as follows:


(Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment)

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     Upholstered furniture


    Carpets & Rugs

    Soft Goods

    Outdoor Furniture

    Decorative Lighting

    Decorative Signage

    Artwork & Accessories


    Decorative Wall Finishes

    Decorative Floor Finishes

    Kitchen and F&B outlets


(Operating Supplies & Equipment)

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    Kitchen smalls



    Silverware / Flatware / Cutlery


    House Keeping equipment




    Office Supplies

Procurement Team

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    Ingo Herberg

  • null

    Project Manager

    Yannick Wild

  • null

    Project Coordinator

    Maria Jose Redondo

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    OS&E Specialist

    Javier Gonzalez Ruiz

  • null

    Installation Manager

    Sergio de Juan

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    Financial Controller

    Oscar Salamanca

  • image

    IT & Electrical Equipment Specialist

    Andrés Fraile

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    Project Cordinator

    Lucía Cebrian

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    Quality Control & Sustainability

    Julia Ramos